by Hannah Liot, 200 hour yoga teacher training graduate

The stunning full moon last week sent me right back to the white sandy beaches on Gili Meno. I could almost smell the fragrant incense as I stood on the beach at home, looking at the moon. There were two full moons during the three and a half weeks of my Zuna Yoga teacher training. The nights were filled with light, warmth and sweet, salty air. Those three weeks are locked into my soul and what I discovered in Indonesia has become a foundational part of who I am and who I want to be. About a month later, here I am, finally starting to understand the layers of information Katherine and Everett shared at the yoga teacher training.

yoga teacher training bali
Breathe, practice, repeat

The training began with Mercury in retrograde and the energy on the island had a weight to it. It subtly moved through each of us and we found ourselves indulging in that heaviness, allowing ourselves to move inward and to truly connect with the mind, body and soul. The lesson plan designed by Katherine and Everett supported this energetic space throughout the whole training. 

During the first week, everyone forged a connection with their breath and learned to breathe into the different parts of the body. The breath brought awareness to places in my body that had been closed off. With each inhale, space was created - and every exhale stimulated and stirred dormant energy, bringing parts of myself back to life. Connecting this deeper breath with a rigorous asana practice released blocked energy and purified mentally, emotionally and physically. I’m not going to lie, it was an intense week. And it helped me to establish a stronger relationship with myself and my yoga practice. 

yoga teacher training bali
Hannah leading the class

The second week was inspired by balance. While learning new sequences and teaching methods, students were encouraged to become aware of their boundaries. Recognizing the delicate line between pushing yourself and limiting yourself allows for more personal awareness. I found that this is where self-trust begins to grow and where insecurities begin to fade. Finding balance in your practice ultimately translates to balance within your life. 

The third week was about embracing your authentic self and finding confidence in your voice and your teaching. The Zuna Yoga teacher training sensitizes you to the subtleties of the body, such as breathing, body movement and posture. It gives you the skills, knowledge and assurance to not only teach yoga, but to understand people and their bodies in a new way. One of the most incredible moments during the training was watching the other students experience Savasana after teaching the class. Simply watching their bellies move up and down from their breath told me so much about their practice and what they were experiencing. 

Each week brought a new wave of knowledge and personal growth. I left Indonesia feeling full and strong with a level of awareness that I hadn’t had before and I left Zuna Yoga with two incredible gifts. 

yoga teacher training bali
Hannah and her Yogi

One is the ability to continue strengthening my practice. It’s easy to get distracted and set your practice aside or to feel disconnected from your authentic self. Life has this strange way of getting in the way, but the three weeks of training provided me with the tools and inspiration I need to always maintain my practice. Through the training I found insight into my own personal strength and the confidence to set intentions and follow through with them. 

The second gift is the most beautiful aspect of the Zuna Yoga teacher training. It is the ability to teach yoga and to accurately share the incredible information I learned during the training. Being able to help the people I love through yoga is such an amazing gift for which I will always be grateful to Zuna Yoga. 

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