Zuna Yoga is thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, as part of a total rebranding. Our new look is the result of creative collaboration by a team of Zuna Yogis. Over the past few months, and across several continents, we have been brainstorming, writing code, taking photos, editing images, writing, drawing, designing and enjoying the creative process. The website and fresh new image are a labor of love, built entirely in-house, by us. The keywords for our new logo: Radiant, Geometric and Sophisticated.

It is simple, yet rich with meaning. We see it as a radiant star or sun, 
representing the radiance of the soul: smarana. The void in the middle is symbolic of the quiet at the center of our being. Reaching that quiet space is the goal of yoga. We also see a representation of Buddhi, our inner wisdom; the third eye, ajna; and the sparkling jewels of the chakras. 
On another subtle level, there is a powerful story being told here through sacred geometry. The mark contains a circle, four triangles, and a square. Contained within each triangle, there are seven lines that connect to the circle. 

  • Seven lines = seven chakras;

  • Three longer lines = three shaktis emanating from Buddhi. 

  • Four triangles: the infinite possibility of controlling and directing our capacities. All of who we are emanates in all directions.

  • Circle = buddhi; at the center of it all is the power of Buddhi. 



When the logo is used in a repeating pattern, things get even more interesting. We see an image of oneness, cosmic consciousness, and connection. The bent lines are reminiscent of molecular bonds or electronic circuits, representing our interconnectivity.

Jason's YTT doodles

Jason Frohlichstein, freelance designer and Zuna Yoga 200 hour graduate, describes how the concept was born: "I did four drawings during the Bali yoga teacher training, and this is one of them. This mark is very authentic and it's nice to know it started taking shape during my training. It's actually an image I have had in my head for years and finally put it down to paper in September."

The logo is what organically bubbled up during the process of his yoga teacher training, quite spontaneously and intuitively. This speaks to its relevance to the message of Zuna Yoga. The creation came from Buddhi. Tapping into our creativity and innate wisdom is, after all, the goal of yoga. 

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