by Sammy Garrett, Zuna Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training graduate


How I miss the tranquility of Indonesia’s islands. It’s not very often that distractions are as limited as they were during the stay on the silent sanctuary of Gili Meno. I’ll be completely honest; I’ve been struggling to find balance since returning from my 200 hour yoga teacher training at maoMeno, a place dedicated to nurturing the practices of yoga day in day out. It all seems but a distant dream …


The yoga teacher training runs for three intensive weeks, whereby nothing else matters other than getting the absolute most out of the training. It’s all about YOU, your practice, your growth, your learning. Afterwards, the real world sure provides a rude awakening. Although all of us Zuna Yogis had a lovely break and switched off for a short while, there’s no doubt each of us holds varying forms of responsibility and commitment upon returning to ‘everyday life’. The secret is juggling these daily demands with a dedicated lifestyle of yoga and meditation, thus finding the sweet spot we call balance. 

Peaceful Gili Meno

Incorporating the learnings from the 200 hour yoga teacher training into daily life is happening with slow and steady progress. With plenty of bumps along the way, persistence has been the key. When life hands you a challenge, you learn from it, right? It’s easy to find excuses as to why our best intentions aren’t being lived up to, or punish and guilt ourselves until we lose motivation completely. Treating myself with kindness and patience, I think of my goals. Stay focused. Breathe. I’m not trying to run a marathon, but I do know which direction I’m facing, and the focus is to simply put one foot in front of the other. For now, this is enough. 

Balance requires constant work and assessment. Just as we must be aware of every cell in the body to find strength, stillness, and stability in asanas, we must also remain soundly alert throughout everyday life. Constant awareness helps in staying grounded and strong in our true selves. Acting as my own test dummy, I have been exploring by tipping the scales each way, precariously finding a stable middle ground. I am determined to stay true to myself. It hasn’t been easy and at times I have felt lost and alone, discovering that a strong support network is fundamental to success. The key is to surround myself with those who respect and honor my passions, gently reminding me of my purpose should I lose my way.

yoga teacher training Bali
Zuna Tribe

Oh, how wonderful it would be to let my hair down, break free from all obligations and roam this world as a carefree, spirited yogi. Alas, society does not operate this way. We are social beings, we form relationships and participate in communities. So why not make that community a loving, yogic one? As a self-confessed travel junkie, I have realized I no longer need to search the globe to find my tribe. If I shine my light brightly enough, I will attract those who share the same values and beliefs. I have faith.

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