200 hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training review by Fleur (Australia)

"Thank you Zuna Yoga for such a treasured experience. After only 21 days, you changed the way I see the world! 

In my search for a yoga teacher training course, I was looking for one which tied the principles into the roots of yoga and gave a holistic view of the practice. I loved every minute of the philosophy lessons and felt like a massive sponge!  It’s all still whizzing around my head in a very intriguing way, and now starting to settle after working my way through the theory component. Gaining insight into the origins and traditional ideals of yoga gave me a true understanding of its purpose. These lessons were very cleverly intertwined with the practical sessions which consolidated it all further.

As a Physio, I was very impressed with the anatomical knowledge and how it blended into our asana practical sessions. I feel confident that we will all come out as yoga teachers with awareness of body and posture, so that our future students are guided safely and optimally through their asanas practice.

Most of all, I have learnt so much about myself.  And this is what I can’t thank you enough.  The biggest thing that you have taught me is that divine light which lights up my own truth isn’t something that I need to go out in search of. It is within me. And for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you Everett, Katherine and Anna."

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