by Sammy Garrett, Zuna Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training graduate

Something happens post Yoga Teacher Training. Yes, of course there are significant internal shifts with such great growth and learning, but I want to talk about something different. The external shift. It’s as though the person who entered the training on the first day leaves their old eyes behind, and upon completion steps forward with brand new vision. Speaking from experience, this new pair of eyes completely alters how the external world is perceived.  


Alignment? What alignment?

I have no doubt that many people have wished for new eyes or better vision, I feel blessed as that is exactly what my teacher training with Zuna Yoga has given me. I am now the proud owner of fresh, bright, clear eyes which see much deeper and further than before. What I see has altered. There are things I notice that weren’t there before. For example, how can I ever look at a sensational yoga picture without analyzing whether or not the model is in correct alignment or hyper extending? First world problems alright! I will never again be able to look at yoga profiles on Instagram in the same light.


Looking past the superficial, these new eyes can break down layers and barriers in relationships and the surrounding environment, surpassing the ego and instead connecting with the innermost essence. I find myself amazed at the finest details and being drawn to things of significance, only later realizing their importance and meaning. In reality, the eyes are merely a tool of the mind, one of the senses which allow information to be received and deciphered. This is the way our surroundings speak to us. How this process occurs is entirely unique to each individual. Are you the master of your mind or is your mind the master of you? Is it what you see or how you see it? Perception is everything.


Sammy takes in the view

If the eyes are the lens through which we see the world, don’t we want to service our lens and keep it in clean working order? Yoga and meditation are means to do so. Think of it as servicing your car. Just as your car needs a check up to make sure everything is in working order and operating smoothly, so too does your mind. Therefore, for the senses to run optimally as we go about our day, it is vital to regularly service the mind. Yoga and meditation are the daily servicing my mind requires to be thriving and operating at full potential. Both eyes are open and I can see clearly.

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