By Nikita Kirpalani, 200 hour Bali yoga teacher training student

Editor's note: Nikita is keeping a journal of her experiences during her 200YTT, read the previous blog post here

It's a week into the yoga teacher training and I am finding it difficult to put into words exactly what it is that we are experiencing. Leading up to the training, I had so many ideas about what it may be like, what my fellow yogis would be like, how my life would change afterwards. So I find it highly appropriate that one of the concepts that's been popping up all week is the idea of "emptying the cup." You would think the challenge to unlearn or disregard the preconceptions that we came here with—about the yoga teacher training, the correct form for asanas, even our take on philosophy and life—would be a big ask for a bunch of passionate yogis. I mean, we all reached this point because of our experiences.

However, as difficult or intimidating as it may be, sometimes it's nice to press the reset button. To take a step back from our "truth" and "reality." To untangle fact from perspective. You and I are simply an amalgamation of our experiences. The way we think and see the world is not ours but rather a patchwork quilt of opinions and perspectives that other people have left behind. Every interaction we have or observation we make is speckled with our experiences, splattered with our values, and subconsciously doused in our beliefs. 

This last week has certainly challenged "reality" for me. The morning silence we observe from the moment we wake through breakfast has altered the way I interact with myself and others. The anatomy lectures and posture labs have forced me to question what I already "knew" about physical asanas. Finally, the emphasis on breathing and meditation as a way to clear the clutter and to create and claim spaciousness has forced me to be open to the unknown. 

I can already feel that cup getting lighter and the spaciousness that fills it—Sukha—inviting possibility. I'd like to see if I can truly empty the cup and reevaluate what I would fill it with.

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