by Sammy Garrett, Zuna Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training graduate


Can you recall a time when you gave without expecting anything in return? Nothing beats the joy you have created by giving unconditionally to another. A mentor of mine recently said that one of life’s secrets is to teach what you love. She explained that when sharing that which is most sacred to you, it keeps it alive and at the forefront of your mind. Personally, I love yoga, and since completing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Zuna Yoga I now have the ability to teach what I love. And that’s exactly what I am doing, sharing my passion and knowledge of yoga in service to my local community. Now is my time to give.


I recently had the opportunity to take part in a charity event, offering yoga as a way to fundraise money for a branch of the Cancer Society. Of course I said YES! Never mind the fact that I had only recently completed my yoga teacher training and would be teaching to a group of over 70 people. Talk about diving in head first. The fear I felt was nothing compared to those who battle terminal illnesses such as cancer. I reminded myself I have all the skills I needed to instruct a large group into a series of basic postures. It was only my mind, operating out of fear and ego, which was telling me otherwise. The whole event was a huge success and the money raised was such a wonderful collective achievement.


The experience of giving is glorious. If I could, I would give, give, and give all day every day. I love making a difference in people’s lives and nothing lights up my day more than seeing people smile. It’s not so much the act of giving, its rather the outcome of giving. Seeing the reaction and the change I can make in others by offering random acts of generosity. For me there is no need for gratification, it is enough to know that my cup is so full that I can spare some to those in need. Ideally, we should all have the ability to fill our own cups to the brim with goodness. However, sad but true, this is not always the case. Look out for those who may need a top up and reach out to them today. Be it a stranger or a good friend, you may surprise them and yourself with the precious act of giving.



Those who follow the path of personal integrity are able to clearly understand themselves and share their learnings with the world. Yoga teachers are key examples of this. Our teachers before us gave their wisdom and I believe it is our responsibility to honor this by continuing to share the message and gift of yoga. I put myself first and foremost because I know that when I am operating from a place of peace and happiness, I am in a state to give selflessly to others. Next time you are in doubt, I invite you to share, teach, give, offer service. Take note of what follows and how it makes you feel. It’s our time to give. 

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