by Susan Holmes, 300 hour yoga teacher training student

A few months before the Zuna Yoga 300 Hour Yoga Teacher training in Gili Meno, I couldn't wait to read each new Zuna blog to discover a little more information about the unknown place I was soon to be headed, and to flame a connection with the exciting experience on which I was soon to embark. I found myself feeling like part of the Zuna Tribe before I came face to face with any of the beautiful souls I've since met.  Now more than a week into my own training in Gili Meno, I have the chance to connect and share with yogis soon to be in the Zuna Yoga teacher training or considering this training. I am grateful.

yoga teacher training baliWith the wonderful yogis I'm blessed to share this experience with, our training began with a blood moon, and each night it ends by looking into the sky to see stars so bright that I'm sure I could grab them if I just reached a bit more. Yes, I know that I am forever connected to these souls and this place.

Our teachers - Katherine, Everett, and their assistants - have
created an opening for all of us to find our spaciousness and authenticity. maoMeno and Gili Meno support us in this endeavor. In our early morning meditation, which begins before sunrise, the sound of the waves breaking along the shore coaxes breath deeper, and the melody of a thousand birds leaves no doubt to the auspiciousness of each new day. Gaining great insight into our asana practice and pranayama energizes us to become sponges for each day's lectures and meditations. Everett's knowledge of yoga, both traditional and modern, and his ability to share it with clarity and joy makes every day move by too quickly.


yoga teacher training baliEach day, with each new layer of understanding unveiled, Gili Meno also supports the space and clarity we've discovered.  My husband and partner in this adventure, Greg and I walk through town and see the beautiful simplicity (not to say there isn't a lot of hard work to be done for the people on this island) and an easy and pure kindness surrounds the island.  On Saturday, the men were playing a ballgame outside, and the kids came skipping back from the beach with their rafts or riding on the back of their brother's bike. A pure enjoyment of this lovely paradise.  For me, the people and the island invite what is possible to reveal itself with even greater depth.

The clutter in my head has emptied allowing space for wisdom, sharing and laughter. It's all possible!

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