by Sammy Garrett, Zuna Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training graduate

We have all heard the saying, "knowledge is power." I say instead that knowledge is a gift, a blessing. Too often, knowledge and wisdom are used for pursuits of the ego. Goals of success and power frequently trump goals of educating and enlightening. Where’s the wonder, the gratitude, the respect?

Knowledge is indeed powerful; it is also all seeing and all knowing. I prefer to refer to knowledge as wisdom. Information which is passed on by those wise enough to share. Something so sacred, I dare not forget the magnitude of what is bestowed upon me. It’s all too easy to go about life with a sense of entitlement, devouring everything as if it need not be earned. I say it’s time to earn the right to wisdom; it’s time for perceptions to change and respect to reign.

With every piece of wisdom passed on, there is a story, a timeline, a history of those who have come before and kept the knowledge alive. Feel it, be it, live it… much like an old wise soul, wisdom is a living thing traveling through time and space on an ever-evolving journey. 

There is nothing wiser than the knowledge of yoga. Think of the thousands of gurus, teachers, and students across the globe that played a part in the gift of yoga being readily accessible today. We are in an era of global consumption, and yoga is right up there with the best of it. Has the wisdom been lost? I sure hope not. In an age of materialism, social media and hot trends, it would be easy to mistake yoga for something which it is not. Commonly portrayed in pictures and videos, it is difficult to know through this external exhibitionism whether or not yoga is being lived, felt and internalized.

What an honor it is to be a part of a yogic lineage of knowledge and wisdom. I thank the yoga god and goddesses everyday for drawing me to Zuna Yoga and not one of the thousands of other yoga teacher trainings. This is a journey to the depths; the essence of yoga, growth, discovery, and wisdom.

An attitude of gratitude allows me to feel the honor of receiving ancient knowledge and wisdom deep within my heart. Since completing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training I have been sharing this with others. Nothing satisfies me more than gifting the wisdom of yoga upon eager students. I like to think of it as my contribution to humanity, changing the world one student at a time! I am incredibly humbled to have inherited the precious gemstones of yoga, not only to incorporate the jewels into my life but also to place into the hearts of others.

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