300 hour yoga teacher training cambodia scholarship winner

We're thrilled to introduce you to Kay Alton, winner of a full-tuition scholarship to the January 2016 300 hour yoga teacher training in Cambodia.

Kay was born in Kenya, Africa where she lived until the age of four. Her parents’ non profit work moved the family to Belgium and then Minneapolis, the city she now calls home. She earned Masters degrees in Education and Social Work and has practiced yoga for the past decade. Departing from traditional social work modalities, Kay chose a more holistic approach of honoring the whole self through the wisdom and philosophy of yoga and meditation. In 2014 she completed her 200 hour certification through Radiant Life Yoga and started her own business, Ignite Change Consulting, offering private and group yoga sessions as well as a Mindfulness/Stress Reduction and Yoga class series for high school students. Kay specializes in yoga for depression, anxiety and trauma.

For the past three years, Kay has worked with One Yoga Nonprofit, offering yoga and meditation to incarcerated women and children, immigrants escaping violence at home, homeless families and people suffering from mental illness. Kay also volunteers at the front desk, serves on the outreach and community programs committee, writes grant proposals and spearheads their fundraising efforts.

Kay describes her discovery of the profoundly healing powers of yoga: “I need yoga as much as my students do. I found yoga as a heartbroken, transient, confused woman and it gave me more than my therapist ever could: freedom from the thoughts that were causing my suffering. I have been moved to continue my studies in the realm of trauma informed yoga, as I find myself working more and more with populations with a great need for healing.

“Yoga gave me the opportunity to relate to and be with people on a deeper, more significant neurological and spiritual level. When I was a social worker I was working from a hierarchical platform. As much as I tried to stand side by side with my clients, I was always the gate keeper to something they needed. In yoga, the key is hidden in the body, mind and breath of every person. My task is only to help them see that. They are my teachers, everyday.”

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