Introducing Lauren Hurst, winner of a full-tuition scholarship to the December 2015 200 hour Zuna Yoga teacher training in Cambodia

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Social Work, a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and a Masters of Social Work, all obtained in Ontario, Canada. She currently lives in Sydney. Her passion for teaching yoga draws on her academic background and interest in eating disorders and body image issues. Eating and body issues often work to create disconnection from our body, while yoga helps to encourage body awareness and connection in a nurturing way. Through the practice of yoga, Lauren has learned we are able to become more of aware of our bodies from a place of respect, acceptance, and love. This level of awareness has been life-changing for her.

Lauren stumbled upon her first yoga class almost ten years ago, and since then on has found herself at home on her mat. Yoga for her has become a way of life. It has been a gift to the body, mind, and most of all the heart. It has taught her how to love and be loved. She has learnt self-acceptance and that imperfection is perfect. Lauren has come to understand that yoga allows us to believe in something much greater than our own self, connecting us with the universe all around us.

Lauren has launched a brand new initiative with Body Matters Australasia Eating Disorder treatment center, called Love Body Yoga. Love Body Yoga introduces yoga as a step on the journey to eating disorder recovery and a pathway to loving our bodies.

Follow Lauren's yoga teacher training journey as she guest blogs for Zuna Yoga in the coming months.

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