by Katie-Alan Calhoun, September 2015 200 hour Bali yoga teacher training student

 Bali YTT

It's 5:30 in the morning and I've begun my short walk to the yoga studio. Hanoman Street in Ubud is still peaceful. The sky is dark and there's a slight chill in the air. Shopkeepers are emerging from their quarters, sweeping the sidewalks as they prepare for their day. As I walk to my last class of Zuna Yoga teacher training, a multitude of emotions begins to rush in. I have now spent a month in Bali during what is my first trip outside the United States, and soon I'll be returning home. 

Before coming to Bali, I experienced an astronomical shift in my life. Everything I once knew or had created in my life had been turned upside down. As the wave swept through my reality as I knew it, an immense amount of space was created. Coming to Bali and embarking on this journey with Zuna Yoga was the first step in filling this space with something wonderful and magical.

After years of searching for the right school for my yoga teacher training, I eventually found Zuna Yoga. Reading the mission statement, it was as if I had written it myself. It was love at first sight. Just as the beginning of any relationship, I was cautious, questioning my judgment and ability to make an educated decision. But as the first week came to a close, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

Ubud Bali Now, it's the last day of training. Everyone in the group is tired from three weeks of transformation of the body and filling the intellect with so much important information. We are tired, but not broken. We are quite possibly the strongest we have ever been, internally and externally. The practice of yoga, after all, is a transformation of the mind and body. It's a process of cleaning away the debris that we have accumulated over time and polishing the raw gems of our souls to discover our true selves. 

As the sky begins to fill with light and warmth, I can't help but smile. So much of this journey to Bali has been about the simple transition between night and day. Light coming into the dark, transforming the perception of our surroundings. Every morning our world transforms. Every day I myself am transforming, learning to let go of what has been and embracing the light of the new day. Learning to let go and have faith in the light, embracing it. Slowly transforming, becoming who I am meant to be. Accepting that sometimes things in your life fall apart in order to fall into place. Letting the spaces be filled. 

The training was extremely knowledgable and powerful. I not only attained the skills necessary to teach a yoga class. I also began to discover who I was as a person and how to live a life of purpose. I discovered how to incorporate tools such as pranayama, meditation and energetics into my life to cultivate happiness and well-being. Getting to know myself and what I am capable of in this lifetime is something I take away from this yoga teacher training and will cherish forever. I am beyond grateful for this experience. Thank you Bali, thank you fellow students, thank you, thank you Zuna Yoga

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