Sunrise Angkor Wat, watercolor by Paul Jackson

by Kay Alton, Cambodia 300 hour yoga teacher training scholarship winner

If you imagine it, it will be. That is the key. A good imagination. An ability to see what is possible. Different than wishing. Concretely imagining. Creating an image of where you want to be, where you want to go, what you want to do and with whom. If you are strong and powerful in your imagining, your sails will be full and your ship well-pointed. 

There are so many people floating through this world, through their lives. They are unanchored. Their imagination is weak. They have been swallowing the cookie cutter image they have been handed down. With each gulp becoming more complacent and further from self-realization. Compensating with worldly symbols of success, stuffing their pockets with paper castles, inflating their sense of self with car fumes and strong handshakes. Noise, color, rumbles and strong coffee becoming their savior, their morning practice.

Everyone has glimpses of stillness. In the flash of sunset, intertwined hands, a patter of water on the face...there is a potential for more...and then noise, color, rumbles, and strong coffee.

What would it be like for you to let yourself paint your future in a way that allowed you to pick any color, no matter how bright? To explore the space beyond the canvas? Where would it take you? Where would you be and who would be by your side? What powerful and beautiful force would you be in the world?

Now imagine that we lived in a world filled with beings living in this way. Imagine. Imagination is the key, and it all starts with you. I imagine you closing your eyes, sitting comfortably, letting the outside noise float away as you go inward. I imagine you painting.

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