by Lauren Hurst, Cambodia 200 hour yoga teacher training scholarship winner

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Returning home

It has been just under two weeks since I completed my yoga teacher training in Cambodia with Zuna Yoga. I have found it quite seamless to settle back into my life in Sydney surrounded by my friends, colleagues and my partner. Everyone was thrilled to hear about the teacher training and I was eager to tell them! It has been difficult to summarize my experience of yoga teacher training in just a few words, so mostly what I find my telling others is that "it was amazing, transformative and so much more."

Setting goals

Since arriving home I’ve been in full swing, taking a really deep look into my updated goals and plans for 2016. In having the opportunity with Zuna Yoga to become aware of our purpose in life, who we are and what we’re capable of, I’ve entered a new space of being and doing for all that I want to get up to this year. I’ve rewritten my vision and have updated my 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year personal, career and health goals. Year 2016, here I come!

Noticing changes

Notably, others around me have noticed a shift in my presence, stating it to be very calm, with a sense of freedom and a fresh attitude and perspective. I can’t help but think how amazing it feels when others also recognize and acknowledge the changes I also see in myself. 

Teaching classes 

In regards to teaching classes, the Universe has certainly set me up to put all this new learning and these new teaching tools to practice. I have picked up extra classes in addition to those I already teach, and so I will have the opportunity to share some new things with all my new and regular students.

In the classes I have taught so far, the biggest shift I have noticed is in my level of confidence. With what feels like more knowledge, more vocabulary, and just more insight to share, I have noticed a positive change in my presence and ability to guide students on (and hopefully off) their mats. I have incorporated so much of what I have learnt with Zuna Yoga into my teaching, and continue to include my own style and way of teaching too. I think it’s a good combination! 


A lot has shifted here. What had been my favorite studio to take classes at somehow doesn’t quite fulfill all that I would like to incorporate in my practice. As someone who loves practicing at studios for the community vibe and to be amongst the presence of others, I have begun to incorporate many more home practices into my routine, including more pranayama and meditation than I have ever practice before. I am confident in putting together my own home class sequences and it has been a great way to really check in with what kind of practice I need from one day to another. 


I feel so grateful for being lucky enough to win the scholarship and for this incredible experience I will never forget. From now, I will continue to reflect and slowly take in all of what the yoga teacher training allowed me to learn, experience, and grow from. 


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"I am not my body; I am not my mind. I am something much greater..."

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