Meet Priscilla "Cilla" Rybicki,  Zuna Yoga teacher training graduate, E-RYT 200 / RYT 500, and yoga studio owner.

Her backstory 

Cilla is a longtime resident of Burlington, Vermont, and a perpetual student of the mind and body. She earned a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree in Psychology at the University of Vermont and, after trying yoga, made it an essential part of her life by harnessing it as a tool to alleviate back pain and correct postural misalignment caused by scoliosis. She became a certified yoga teacher in 2009 through Burlington Yoga and in 2014 she traveled to Bali for her 300 hour yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga. Cilla is also a Certified Massage Therapist. 

Her thoughts on Zuna's YTT

It was incredible. The advanced yoga teacher training was exactly what I needed to deepen my own practice and refine my teaching skills. What I learned there, not just about the transformative benefits of regular practice, but also about my own inner strength, empowered me to take the leap and open my own studio. 

Her struggles

Like many students of meditation, she admits to struggling to overcome a constantly "thinking" mind. Her own challenges inspired in her a desire to make the powerful practices of pranayama and meditation more accessible to everyone. 

Her joy

One of the things I love most about owning the studio is having the freedom to be able to lead donation-based classes for nonprofit organizations and having the space to be able to raise awareness and reach more people. It's been really rewarding to actually make a difference: we've had the honor or working with LoveYourBrain Foundation to help bring yoga to survivors of traumatic brain injury and to raise money for earthquake relief in Nepal.

Her advice 

Always continue to practice and grow. Yoga is a lifelong pursuit, and there is always something to learn and refine. Set a clear intention when you start to teach or open your own studio. Remember the real reason you're teaching (which probably doesn't involve dollar figures) and practice what you preach. Don't let anything hold you back from reaching your goals.

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