by Guest Author, Claire Buckley (500 hour Zuna Yoga Teacher Trainee)

We are on Day Three of the 200 hour Zuna Yoga teacher training in Ubud, Bali. There is an all-pervading sense of adaptation: to the schedule - the early starts, the regular class time to break time patterns, the homework, the practice style; but also to each other - 30 new, interesting, inspiring individuals to have the pleasure to get to know and of course our teachers, Everett, Katherine and Anna. 

These three are a class act. Everett is a fountain of knowledge based on years of teaching experience, questioning, studyand self practice. Like a cat in front of a saucer of cream, I find myself wanting to lap up every last drop of what he is teaching me. I'm writing his way of expressing something down in my notebook and thinking that this way to explain it just encapsulates it so neatly. There is humor, drama and presence in his voice and teaching delivery. In brief, we've covered the history, the Vedas and the Gunas plus many types of poses and breathing techniques in detail, already by day three.

Katherine is also a dynamic teacher. We are always up on our feet one minute, sitting next, then up again. Not once have I felt like I need to take a nap in class like my time at university!! We are working our way through a good foundation of anatomy and she relates things back to yoga poses and what we may sometimes see in a class. 

There is also much appreciation in our class for the teaching assistant, Anna. As with Everett and Katherine, she is super supportive, engaged, and also challenging, by keeping us on ourtoes, and providing great assists in class. 

I am struggling with the intensity and lack of time for myself to just digest this all. I've been reaching my room at the end of the day and just crashing, the other night with my calves and feet still over the side of the bed!! 

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