by Guest Author, Kellie Jean Snyder (September 2014 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainee)

The first week of the Zuna Yoga teacher training has been more than I ever imagined. It's amazing how many of my fellow students have come here because they're chasing their fears. We've talked a lot in class about how pursuing a life of yoga takes courage. I think that so many of us have realized exactly what that means to us personally this past week.

We all came here with our physical and mental limits, and those limits have been blown open over these past few days.  When I came to Ubud, I knew I liked fast yoga: one breath, one movement. Anything longer, and my brain would immediately quit. I had never forced myself to stay in the pose and feel the sensations of my body. One day in class, we really held poses for a long time, and I felt my mental ability expand immediately. It felt so liberating to be in the pose feeling stronger and stronger instead of letting my mind convince me I needed to get out. This was the moment I realized that I was I charge of my mind. Learning that I had the ability to quiet my mind in times of strain is something I will carry with me on and off the mat. Self transformation isn't something that happens overnight, but when we can measure our success by breaking through one mental boundary at a time, it's easy to notice things happening. 

I'm excited to see how my practice and my views on life and myself will grow over these next few weeks. It's hard to imagine we're almost half way through. It's going to go by so quickly, but I'm excited to take what I learn here and apply it to my daily life at home. After all, that's the true yoga. Taking it with us where ever we go, not just in the tropical bliss of Bali.

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