by Lisa Cosmillo, Zuna Yoga 300 hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training student

This week, the second in our training, brought us into deeper meditations, more pranayama and a deep study of restorative yoga, which included our first practice teaching experience.

In many ways, this week we could breathe. We practiced pranayama, breathing exercises, daily, which took some of us to new and deeper places. We also got to do a daily restorative practice taught by our classmates, which was a great opportunity to relax into our breath. Each evening following our restorative practice, we practiced Yoga Nidra. We were warned at the beginning of each session not to sleep -- but not to feel badly if we did fall asleep. This amazingly calming practice has been used to help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and more generalized anxiety -- yet another sweet opportunity to reach deeper and breathe.

Toward the end of this calming week, the heat was turned up as we were told we would be teaching the morning practices in our third and final week. Included in this assignment was the inevitable caveat that each of us would be expected to teach the elements of a full Yogic breath -- Agniraj Breathing -- as part of our class, something we have practiced since day one of the training.

So today on our second day off, most of us took the opportunity to rest, relax and take a deep breath. 

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