by Paula Anderson, Zuna Yoga 300 hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training student

I write this from pitstop, Kuala Lumpur, my last "sleepover" enroute to Bali. I've adjusted to the time change seemingly well and I simply just can't believe I'm here and the training will begin in a week!

I had spent time searching for a training that would bring a balance to my 200 hour training based on "Power" Yoga, although I would personally describe myself as a slow flow kid. I had done my prior training in weekend format and I knew I wanted an immersion based program to truly LIVE YOGA.

I began my planning in January, hard to even think back that far! All seemed to be arranged for living yoga (in the future). Then the waiting, and waiting, and wow it's getting close and...

It's nearly present now and the wonder has set in. "I wonder if"...the training will be as scarily intense as the schedule seemed (lol), ...with joy, happiness and an eager heart I look forward to finding out the answer to my wonders and more. I look forward to meeting Everett and Katherine and all my colleagues with whom I will share the experience of a lifetime! I'm signing off, heading to bed and up at 5 am to catch an early bird to Bali! 

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