by Samantha Smith (September 2014 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training)

It is hard to put into words all that I am feeling as the training comes to an end. I have so many mixed emotions about it all: happy for all the friends I have made, excited to see where life and yoga take me, disappointed to see it all go by so quickly. The days were long, but by the end I had become accustomed to the schedule and the simplicity of that focused life. Our last afternoon was the perfect ending to our time here together. I had my first experience with kirtan and it was amazing. I am still astonished by the energy a focused group can bring to a space; the chant to Ganesha has stuck with me since. I am so glad that I opted to do an intensive yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga rather than the multiple weekends offered back home. Completely immersing yourself in the experience really affords you the opportunity to dedicate yourself 100% to the exploration of yoga and yourself, not only during the scheduled times in the day, but for the duration of your time here.


Samantha making new friends

Today I had a full day of opportunities and choices to explore Bali, and found myself both excited and a bit overwhelmed by the lack of structure. Luckily, I still have another week here in Bali to adjust. Tomorrow I leave Ubud, excited for new adventures around Indonesia and New Zealand, but part of me is not ready to leave this place behind. Nothing lasts forever, and while this journey is ending, my memories and friendships made here will last far beyond today. Thank you to my teachers and fellow trainees for the knowledge, fun and support throughout this training and for making this a trip I will never forget.

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