by Guest Author, Claire Buckley (September/October 2014 500 hour Zuna Yoga Teacher Trainee)

Leaving the London crowds behind

I’m leaving my home city for two months to train with Zuna Yoga in Bali, Indonesia. A bright orange suitcase is rolling smoothly beside me like a faithful pet as we battle through the rush hour crowds in London.  Once inside the tube train to Heathrow, I take stock of all that I did to get myself to this point.

Looking back, I first floated the idea with loved ones, family and friends. There were both types of responses, and the points made - whether supportive or incredulous - were appreciated.

my dog

“How will you pay your bills?”

“What will happen to your dog?”

“Do you know anyone over there?”

“What about your job?”

“You are just running away!”

And also:

“This experience is going to be great for you!”

“You are very brave!”

“We’ll look after your dog.”

“I’ll be here when you get back.”

“Please send us updates from Bali.”


The second step was looking at my responsibilities and how to finance the trip. Personal admin, trip to the accountants, filing, sorting, completing, so that everything is in hand. I have looked under the bonnet of each part of my life. Hopefully the distracting mind chatter about my usual day to day will be minimised so I can absorb every atom of what will be before me!

So yes, there is a sense of walking through a door onto a new path, but I’ve worked for it and deserve it and I’m going to enjoy it, come what may!

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