by Paula Anderson, 300 hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training student

With the energy of the Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse, the week was ablaze. Every morning began with fabulous practices a la Zuna Yoga, breathing deeply into the pelvis and learning to remain at peace in a carefully woven sequence of postures. Getting into the gritty, we broke down asana and adjustments with mindfulness. Best take away of the week: learning to confidently give assists into inversions without fear of injury to either party!

After breaking into groups, we all had the opportunity to teach very welcome restorative classes. Each group collectively delivered classes with their own spin on soft deliciousness. Several evenings concluded with amazing Yoga Nidra practices led by Everett.

In lecture we really started to uncover the mysteries of the Hatha Yoga Pradapika and some of its "head scratching and hmmm" verses. Good News: we are stronger than we believe. After delving into the deeper explanation of Chapter 1, Verse 1, I discovered we are ALL heroes in a half shell, courtesy of Hatha Yoga... "For those continually tempered by the heat of tapa (the three types of pain - spiritual, environmental and physical) - hatha is like the shelter giving protection from the heat. For those always united in yoga, hatha is the basis acting like a tortoise." The tortoise is an emblem of patient endurance. The practice of hatha yoga enables strength and control of the body and mind, transforming the body into a protective covering.

Who knew! See you on the mat...

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