by Guest Author Anna Rhein, Zuna Yoga 300 hour teacher training grad

It has been two weeks since we completed the 300 hour teacher training, and as much as I am enjoying my time to do as I wish, I can honestly say I miss everything. Yes, even the 5:02 am alarm. As we entered into the final week, I told myself: "Drink in as much as you can, savor every last word," recalling from the previous year how much I would miss it all once it was over. Even though being able to sleep in and have my days back to myself sounded so sweet, that moment would come sooner than I really wanted it to, and I should make sure to enjoy every last minute. 


Anna immersed in practice

 Looking back now, I know I did just that. Each morning, even though I was physically tired, I fully immersed myself into the student-led practice. Instead of eating by myself, I made it a point to eat breakfast with "the Zuna Tribe, knowing soon I would miss their smiling faces, the laughs, the conversations regarding the practice we just shared, listening to stories of their lives, hearing about plans for the future, and most of all feeling the love that flowed so freely from everyone at the table. I took more pictures, started getting contact information, planning trips to see them in their countries, giving more hugs, receiving more hugs, letting go and seeing what being courageously free was really like. I was in the bubble and I loved it! 

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Then just like that, it was over. The closing circle, the last supper, the last breakfast and then actually leaving Ubud. Unlike some others who had to leave this Bali wonderland immediately and go back home and/or back to work, I was lucky enough to move to the beach and to relax and allow it to all soak in. I gave myself two weeks to do nothing but play in the sun, surf and the enjoy the hours upon hours of freedom. It has been wonderful, seeing old friends, staying out late, sleeping in, practicing when I want to, being back in the "real world," out of the bubble.


Now here I am, trying to find the balance between the two. I realize it's all about attitude, and my attitude is one of getting closer to the truth and finding the way that works best for me. The month was a moment, one that I will never forget, where my fellow students and teachers provided me a safe place to dive into this truth. It is now up to me to use the priceless knowledge and tools gained and delve deeper into this life, my practice and creating a space for others to gain awareness and ultimately adding to the tapestry of humanity.  

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