By Lisa Cosmillo, Zuna Yoga 300 hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training grad

Today was my first day post-Zuna Yoga Teacher Training. All day, I have asked myself the question, how do I feel?

Well -- not right away. First I had to get up and do Pranayama, then meditation and don't forget a few Asana... then I asked, how do I feel?
Then I got to take a tour of some of Bali's tourist traps courtesy of a wonderful man named Dharma... All day I thought, I know what my Dharma is... and how do I feel about that?
So when I got back to my hotel room and was preparing for travel tomorrow, I stopped to look at Facebook. All these new faces and names on my friends list and pictures from the party last night. We were all smiling and crying and smiling.
So one last time -- How do I feel about that?
Lisa visiting Borobodur, post-YTT

I feel changed. I have grown. Even my habits dealing with stressful visa issues today -- I controlled my breath -- and my mind followed.

My missions in coming here were simple: Get my 300 hour training and have some time to myself to reflect and process the past year. I would say my missions were definitely accomplished, and in addition, I have found an inner voice, a constant companion, and I can hear it. I can hear it.


Thank you Everett, Katherine and Courtney and all my new friends @Zuna Yoga. 

Namaste and blessings -- until we meet again.

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