by Chantal Capes, Zuna Yoga 200 hour teacher trainee

Why Zuna Yoga? I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I liked yoga and it had a calming influence on me - so important, considering the heavy responsibilities I carry at work. The Zuna Yoga 200 hour program was the right timing, just far enough away (19 hours flying) from my daily life to create the needed separation, and had lots of great reviews. I also had a personal referral from a friend who had already done a Zuna Yoga teacher training.

Boom! I made a bold choice and booked my training. My journey started in London... a busy lifestyle full of stress, a lack of sleep and a general fear. A fear of what people thought of me, was I performing well enough, was I making the right choices, body image issues, etc. Most of us experience a fear of losing what we're attached to. I stepped away from it, into the unknown. And there I was, on the remote Indonesian island of Gili Meno, near Bali and Lombok.

Bang! The thunder roared in timing with lightning that burnt your retinas whilst eyes were closed. The ground trembled and my heart stopped each time. Our first day started during a terrific thunderstorm. It was a truly incredible and powerful asana practice and meditation. The weather terrified me. I had never experienced anything like it, not in the UK or on any of my travels. After a couple days, I was able to stop worrying and surrender to the power of nature. Then the sun shined brightly, continually for the remaining two weeks.

My new bff's

The accommodation was raw, organic and set in the jungle. No walls, no doors and a safe environment ... other than the sneaky handful of mosquitoes that managed to get me.

The bonding amongst the group was amazing... the friendships I've gained will last a lifetime. It's a 19 strong, unique family with 4 trainers who were like our elders.

The course consisted of 18 girls and one guy, such a fabulous group of Kiwis, Aussies, Swedish, Swiss, Canadian, American, Portugese, Scottish, Indonesian and moi, the only Londoner.
The backgrounds varied from singers, models, scientist, designers, New Scotland Yard Detective (me) etc. Every night someone had a great story to tell.

The asana and meditation practices were incredible, changing my daily mood and outlook on my own life. I was able to let go of my fear of what people thought of me, and now when that voice creeps in, I ignore it and do what I want to do. The effect already has been so positive. I am the boss of my mind and body. No more wasted energy.

The depth of knowledge you gain and the understanding what yoga really is. I never truly appreciated how the heart of yoga began, where it started, how it developed, who used it, communities that developed since about 4000BC, the history, architecture, founders of the many forms, ashtanga (not the branding since 1950 - originally purely spiritual), then the asanas, breathing techniques, health benefits (body and mind).... the list is endless!



Hands-on learning

The trainers: yoga masters sharing their personal journeys and not judging any of us or predetermining the path we should take. It was refreshing to learn and be able decide for myself what I wanted to achieve and take from the 200 hours.

My main concern when I looked for a yoga teacher training course was the quality of training and to avoid a company with no knowledge of the level of their instructors other than their certificates. You will not be disappointed should you be lucky enough to study with Zuna Yoga... an intimate team, all incredibly knowledgeable. 


Zuna Yoga has been the perfect choice and a great compliment to my recent certification as a Remedial Sports therapist with the North London School of Sports Massage. It's expanding my knowledge, not only of anatomy, but also in creating a recipe of recovery exercises to strengthen and lengthen muscle groups and create space in the body and mind. All requirements for a healthy lifestyle.

This has been an incredible journey. Not only I have I learnt the necessary skills to become a yoga teacher, but I have also learnt so much more about myself.

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