by Paula Anderson, Zuna Yoga 300 hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training student

I left our last morning practice of YTT noticing the soulful energy abuzz in my body. My senses were acute, as though everything was magnified by fear of forgetting the magic that enveloped me. The birds sang their morning songs more gloriously, the colors of tropical foliage appeared more vibrant and the blossoms' fragrances were sweeter than usual.

Paula and Katherine

It was a day of summary, feeling happy that my vessel supported me and carried me successfully through this journey. It was an intense 25 days (yes, with two days off), and the long days became a battle of mind over (my) matter. And somedays were a little more heavy than others, both mentally and physically. But, here we were at the top of the summit and heading to the big slide with only a few hours to go. 

We completed our last class group activity and gathered for our closing circle. It was a surreal moment of our last time in both the studio and in our "space". We became united along this shared journey, aligned by intention but sharing kindness most genuinely from our hearts. The memories dance in my mind this morning and even as I type, I find myself smiling at my iPad screen. I will remember our smiles and gazes and ... life. Thank you all so much for such a beautiful moment, with sincere love and of course, happiness. 

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