by Paula Anderson, Zuna Yoga 300 hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training student
In the still morning air, there is such beauty in simply enjoying a peaceful practice. 

I love arriving at the dark studio for our pre-dawn practice. I tend to arrive right around 5 am everyday. And like all great performances, it's best to arrive early and get settled. The show begins with the assorted melodies of the Roosters crowing and the occasional Cricket percussionists. The Gecko bellows his solo from the horn section and by now the birds are playing in force from the woodwinds. The rolling percussion of the Cicadas brings the symphony to its forte, then a solo rises again steadily from the Frog. Aaaaah, as nature continues to serenade our practice, there are many moments you may not hear any of it, being so tuned in with our breath and asana. Katherine, like any great conductor, leads us with her beautiful voice - easing,  soothing and empowering us to stay ... "just one more minute here, yogis".

And like all great performances, there will be more. So, until tomorrow morning my fellow yogis! See you on your mats when the rooster crows...

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