Sunrise over the volcano

by Ashley Ball, 200 hour Bali yoga teacher training student


‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise’.

I’m not a morning person. I’ve always wished I was. My inner night owl selectively phased out that morning yoga practice would start at 6am! At least I had a little bit of jet lag on my side.

Setting the alarm for 5:30am was already a pretty big deal for me. But after a few mornings of watching the starry sky slowly transform into lighter and lighter shades of blue, seeing the reflection of the trees in the pool as I sip on a cup of tea, the crispness of the air and hearing the roosters call to the new day, I felt truly at ease in the morning stillness.

I feel like I’ve uncovered this secret motivation, closely held by the members of the ‘morning people’ collective. I never understood how people had so much vigor so early in the morning - and now I realize that they simply create it themselves.

I’m now waking up before my 5:30am alarm with a new respect for my inner circadian rhythm. And I wonder at the new found productivity I can insert into my days.

The trick? Having a quiet mind, and getting enough, good quality sleep. Early to bed!


The pool at Azadi Retreat at sunset


Although 5.30am starts were pretty new to me …SILENCE was something completely foreign. If I told my old co-workers that the first 4 hours of my day was in complete silence – they would be in hysterics. I truly can’t wait to tell them. Little did I know this would be one of the most rewarding learnings of the training. The sweet taste of stillness. It's something I truly treasure and I will be much more protective about my (and others') thinking space from now on.


My first savasana with Zuna Yoga was a real ‘a-ha’ moment for me. I had never really put that much thought into savasana before – it was just a chance to lay down and relax. Savasana now shines in a whole new light in my understanding.

I never really thought of savasana like a recipe, something that could be designed, crafted or adjusted. I never realized each pose provides a unique ingredient of energy that adds to the sweetness, challenge, thought provocation, depth and color of your savasana. And that ‘grandma's special recipe’ is shared each time a yoga teacher invites us to a ‘comfortable position for savasana.’ We are sharing an ancient secret recipe.

I also reflect on how many classes I have been to when people leave before savasana …such a shame. That’s like leaving perfectly made cookie dough on the bench instead of putting it in the oven.

From day one I’ve had the most colorful and weightless savasanas I’ve ever experienced. It is such a magical asana. This has really peaked my curiosity as to how I can learn to craft this magic and optimize my yoga experience, and also to share it with others. I think your first experience of a weightless savasana truly signifies the beginning of your relationship with yoga. 

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