by Adrienne White, 300 hour yoga teacher training student

Yoga Teacher Training BaliI fell hard for Seane Corn the first time I heard her personal definition of God. "God", she proclaimed, "is that which exists within, that is of truth and love". What could be a more perfect synopsis of that big concept? It's one that works universally, regardless of faith, religion, or secular beliefs. 

This word, and this explanation, came full circle back to me this week when I was given my dharma (life's purpose) statement. To be accurate, the statement wasn't given to me, as much as I feel it chose me. I will keep the actual words themselves just for myself - it's deeply personal, but I can say this mantra is lit from the fire that lights my soul. 

We've done a lot of work to get to this point, and week three of this 300 hour yoga teacher training was no exception. We kicked it off with a heating Agni practice meant to ignite the fires of transformation. The soil had been tilled, the seeds had been planted, and now we used the alchemy of heat to burst the seeds of intention open to grow into our true purpose. We were on a mission to find our mission statements, the very essence of who we each are. This is the truth from which we can measure our decisions and which will inform our entire lives. From this moment forward, the things we choose and do either move us closer to our truth or take us farther away. The choice is ours. 

Yoga Teacher Training Bali
We balanced the heat of this alchemy with restorative classes that we prepared and shared by teaching them to each other in the afternoons. We relished in the healing rest that invited deep and peaceful stillness in our evening meditation sessions. We also went deeper into yoga nidra (yogic sleep) practices, designed to take us into our sub- and unconscious minds, to uncover the treasures of ourselves hidden there that would guide us to our true purpose. 

The week ended with me teaching a three hour inversion class, the culmination of what I'd learned from Zuna Yoga while here. Under the expert guidance of our assistant teacher Anna, I built a class intended to be a celebration, a love letter to our group, and a recognition of the container we had made here together as a safe space to learn and grow. It was a time to relish our experience here together and sweep away any remaining skeletons or ghosts that might have been holding us back, and recognize what I named the class: "The Incredible Lightness Of Our Being". It was the perfect ending to a very long week. 


Yoga Teacher Training Bali

We've swept away the last of the cobwebs and ghosts, even the ones we hold onto so tightly in the hopes they will protect us from further hurt. We've chosen love over fear, and I'm creating my own definition of the Divine. It is that which exists within, that is of truth and love, but it's more than that for me now. It's all of it, the whole of life. The flowers, the trees, the inevitable moments of darkness, chocolate ... it all has the the element on the Divine if we choose to see it that way, an opportunity to teach us something greater about ourselves. It's all god. 



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