by Vanessa Vitali, September 500 hour Bali yoga teacher training student

We all go through life dreaming. We wish, hope and want that “someday” we will see these dreams become our reality. What if that someday was today? For me, today is the day I will embark on adventure.

I was that spirit that got caught in the thought of “someday”. Bali has always been calling me since I first learned of the outside world. Yoga was prevalent in my life since as far back as I can remember. When I decided last year that I wanted to teach yoga i did some research and came across the Zuna Yoga 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia. I was ecstatic! The price of the school was a little out of reach for me at the time, but I continued to look into it. I knew that this would be an amazing experience and when I saw the solid red letters, “SOLD OUT” I was instantly envious of their travels. I was only a waitress. Almost a whole year went by as my desire for travel grew. The only travel I have done outside the US was backpacking Mexico city and staying in a nice house on the beach of Sayulita.) I saved as much money as I could, if it was a twenty or higher i stashed it, knowing I would make it back tomorrow. Twenties turned into hundreds which turned into thousands and before i knew it, I was getting by and had the money for the deposit on the early bird 500 hour training. I applied and thought long and hard about what I was doing. Two months overseas? Alone? What about my relationship, my dogs, my house, my….everything. Can I really just uproot life to soul search? Why not?

After talking with my partner, I put the deposit down. This is it! My dream of “someday” finally has a day!! I had close to a year to pay the other half of tuition, find a house to rent and learn as much as I can. I am a student of Holistic Nutrition Therapy and I will complete my masters in early 2017. I was able to take a leave of absence from school for a max of four months, which I set aside for this beautiful trip. When I set the date, I was excited to tell my friends and family and in sharing my reality I inspired others to follow their dream.  It is such an amazing feeling to spark that magic in others when they too believe they can do anything they wish. I started to invite people to come with me, offering a house share. My parents and my partner took the bait.

My mom went to elementary school in Ecuador and traveled a lot growing up. When she researched Bali she got very excited about the chance to travel again and she used a bonus from work to get her and my dad here on the island for a week and a half. They have been getting their passport together and finding amazing things to do on the island and are very excited to share this experience with me.

My partner loves to travel around the world and in fact has been to most of it! He always inspires me and lights the travel spark in me that I never want to escape. We turned this 500 hour training into a backpacking trip. We are backpacking around Thailand and Cambodia then landing in Indonesia, where he is dropping me off for the teacher training


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