When you're determining which destination yoga teacher training is perfect for you, the old adage location, location, location is only part of the equation. A big part, granted. But no matter how sandy the beach or how cheap the local currency, a destination yoga teacher training is only as transformational as the people in charge of your spiritual and philosophical and anatomical education. And what better way to learn about that than from those who've been in your place? Following is what former Zuna Yoga students—aka the Zuna Tribe–have to say about their experiences.

"The course material was structured so brilliantly and systematically that we were able to cover a plethora of topics in a relatively short amount of time—and retain it! The island was superb, the accommodations were breathtaking, the food was fresh and tasty and my fellow students became like family. I couldn't imagine a better 200 hour yoga teacher training or a better way to begin my career as a yoga teacher."—Lucas

"All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so blessed to have been a part of this training. For so long now, I have felt like something was missing and now I know exactly what it was. "—Leanne

"Many thanks for what has been a truly transformational teacher training. I loved the thoroughness, the manual, the lectures, the delivery, the humor, the discipline, the intensity, the attention to detail and the sharing of examples. These have all had a profound effect on me."—Claire

"No words can really describe how grateful I am of having the opportunity to be part of the Zuna Yoga® teacher training. You showed me and let me explore how to be a yoga teacher, but also how to explore who I really am. And that, to me, is the most wonderful gift."—Melanie

"I can honestly say I have learned more and truly engaged in class more this past month than I have through any other education course I have attended. This, of course, is a reflection of you. Thank you for such a treasured gift I’ll keep with me the rest of my life—the gift of knowledge and the tools to live a happy, peaceful and beautiful life. I can’t wait to start truly living and fully implement this into my daily life so I can find my authenticity and inspire others like you have inspired me."—Danielle

"A heartful and mindful approach on yoga in its complexity. No doubt, in those two months we went through challenges of the body, mind and ego. It wasn’t always easy, but every second of our training was beautiful and deep."—Krystina

"Everett and Katherine are beautiful people with a deep understanding of real traditional ancient yoga, with profound knowledge of yoga practice and teaching methods, with huge experience of life which illuminates from their teaching approach to yoga."—Alex

"Zuna Yoga®'s fluid integration of body and breath has enhanced the experience of every yoga class I now attend. It's also created a lasting conversation between my body, mind and spirit. I now have a quiet place in my heart to live and grow."—MJ

"There's a clarity to the Zuna Yoga® method that encourages and, indeed, fosters clarity in the practitioner that is physical, emotional and mental. No other practice clarifies and intensifies the relationship between breath, strength, stability, and focus as well as Zuna Yoga®. Everett's sequences take a student so thoroughly and thoughtfully through an arc of "thoughts-in-action" that they take residence in your mind and body."—Karin

"Your knowledge and awareness are intoxicating. Thank you for sharing yourself so generously and compassionately. This was one of the best experiences of my life."—Anna

"It is not just a yoga course. It has provided me with the tool kit to live a fulfilling life—self-realization, self discovery, science and philosophy. I wish the course was a year long as three weeks went by too fast, but I am excited to have already started putting what I learnt into practice. I feel I have started to walk the path of life that includes reality, authenticity and fearlessness."—Athena

"The journey you provided was challenging, downright grueling at times, beautiful in so many ways, life changing…and having some time to digest this confirms it was exactly what I needed to grow as a teacher and, more importantly, as a person."—Kelly

"The Zuna Yoga® teacher training was an amazing month in which I grew on many levels. The passion they shared for the true meaning of yoga and traditional practice inspire me to continue in this journey. Taking this time is the great gift you can give to yourself and Zuna Yoga® offers a great space to do it."—Miriam

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