by Lauren Hurst, Cambodia 200 hour yoga teacher training scholarship winner

Lauren takes in the view at the Vine Retreat

Today, Day 5 of our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Cambodia, is when I think the work really begins. 

The first four days were happy, fuzzy and exciting. We're in a new place in a foreign country, at a magical retreat center with a pool, enjoying new friends & delicious food. We have an incredible learning environment to prepare us for what lies ahead. What more could we ask for?

In conversation with many of the other trainees, we agreed that today has felt different. Things have just started happening. There have been upset stomachs, tears and tiredness. This morning I cried during practice and could not really understand why. I kept trying to hide and quiet myself so the others wouldn't notice. I spent the rest of the class trying to figure out why I felt this way, what caused the tears, why I should not be crying, what others were going to think of me… and so on and so on.

At just the right moment, Everett, one of Zuna Yoga's lead facilitators, spoke about this at the beginning of our lecture this morning. He acknowledged and encouraged us to begin to dissociate ourselves from what was taking place, from all the feelings, and to depersonalize it all. These are emotional experiences that have become trapped in our bodies and need an opportunity to release. He spoke about how this is something to let happen, to not be ashamed about, and to begin to observe all that was happening without any judgment. From there forward, just to let all of it go.

Easier said than done? Yes, but that is where the practice of yoga really starts. We have the ability to consciously control our mind, our attachments, and how we ultimately live our lives. A big mission for 21 days at the Vine Retreat, yet I know we have so much opportunity to experience, learn, and transform over the next few weeks.

In our study of the Yoga Sutras, one statement stuck out to me and so I’ll leave you with this: we must find a balance between ‘never give up’ and 'always let go.’

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