by Lauren Hurst, Cambodia 200 hour yoga teacher training scholarship winner

As the one month mark approaches since completing my 200 hour Zuna Yoga teacher training, I am finally starting to put the puzzle pieces together as to what made this training so amazing.

Although this was not my first yoga teacher training and I was already teaching yoga, I had no idea just how transformational this teacher training experience with Zuna Yoga was going to be. I thought that perhaps it might change my views on my relationships, my job, my future and my life. But in such a short amount of time, I truly believe that this training allowed me to become an improved version of myself.

I used to be pretty painfully shy and really disliked speaking in front of big groups of people. Teaching has really brought such a shift in my ability to be okay doing this. However, after having completed the yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga, my confidence levels just completely soared. Now, I stand with purpose in front of each class and I am fully present when I teach. I rarely second-guess myself when it comes to calling poses or struggle with my rhythm, the cues I use, or the words I say. This doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes - I do! But I’m actually okay with that. It allows my students to see that I’m authentic, I’m real, I’m imperfect, and I can laugh at myself. I’ve never felt so connected to my students and perhaps anyone else around me in this way. It feels amazing to stand in front of a group of people, completely being myself. 

I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga. The teachers and assistants really know how to instill confidence in their students and send them back out in the world with a better understanding of all the things that make a yoga class extraordinary. As one the Zuna Yoga facilitators described, we learned as teachers how to ‘throw little bread crumbs’ to make our students come back for more, to peak their interest in the really good stuff in yoga. Every detail from how we cue, to the language of teaching, to the energy and prana created, to the atmosphere of the class, and to assisting has been deeply embedded into the minds of these newly certified teachers to eventually become like second nature. Our teachers were thorough in ensuring that we understood how to effectively integrate our knowledge of yoga and teaching perfectly. 

When it comes to teaching, I can honestly say that I love it. I am 100% absolutely head over heels in love with it. I look forward to teaching each class, sharing new ideas, new asana, meditation practices, and simply sharing space with others. 

A month later, I am still overwhelmed with gratitude. Zuna Yoga really ignited a fire in us as teacher trainees to strive for nothing less than being an incredible teacher. They gave us the confidence to believe that we can be more inspiring and influential that we’d ever imagined. And that is so amazing. 

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