Bali Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Bali Yoga teacher training experience
Aug 17, 2015
Don’t Think, Feel
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by Mandi Orozco, September 2015 200 hour Bali Yoga teacher training student Mandi flies high in Budapest There was a very unmistakable message and theme to my w...

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200 hour ytt bali
Aug 12, 2015
Hidden Beauty in Bali
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For our students coming to Ubud for their Bali Yoga Teacher Training, there is plenty of unexpected beauty around every corner. The Ayung Resort Ubud is filled with an eclectic collection of art, incl...

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300 hour yoga teacher training bali review
May 10, 2015
The Science of Beauty
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by Adrienne White, 300 hour yoga teacher training student    When I started my business, Yoga Muse, I subtitled it "custom yoga" since my intention was, in a se...

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200 hour yoga teacher training pranayama
Apr 7, 2015
The Beauty and Power of Pranayama
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by Hannah Liot, Zuna Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training student   Defining pranayama Pranayama is a traditional practice that has always been used alongside Yoga and Ayurveda. I...

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best 200 hour teacher training  hatha
Mar 26, 2015
The Sunshine After the Storm
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by Chantal Capes, Zuna Yoga 200 hour teacher trainee Why Zuna Yoga? I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I liked yoga and it had a calming influence on me - so important, considering the heavy resp...

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